Joe Garrido

Joe Garrido was born and raised in Chicago, IL.

A former DJ & Bar owner in Chicago decided he wanted to change his life. Through Bikram Yoga He did exactly that.

Joe has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 9 years, since May of 2009. After going to his first class he was hooked and practiced everyday. After a month of doing yoga everyday he started what he called his “Bikram Yoga for Charity Challenge”. It was a 365 day challenge to raise money for The Lupus Foundation. It was during that time he decided that he wanted to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher. The following year in the Spring of 2010 he went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Since then he has been teaching and traveling all over the U.S. and parts of the World. He has been to 84 studios and has taught over 3500 classes.

“I love my yoga life! It has helped me grow in my heart, mind, body & soul.” -Yogi Joe

Irina Krivoruchko

Originally from Moscow, Russia.

I started practicing Hatha yoga in 2004. However, at that time I could not fully immerse myself into practice because of my work, so it was more on and off.

In 2011 I happened to try a Bikram yoga lesson, having little idea of what HOT yoga is. After the first class, however, I instantly felt amazing and fell in love with Bikram Yoga. I started practicing at least 5 times a week, giving up all my unhealthy habits and changing my lifestyle. Over the years of practice, I have compelled many of my friends to start practicing Bikram. And seeing just how much their personalities and bodies change, I decided to devote my life to Bikram yoga and became a teacher.

After successful completion of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in spring of 2014, I started traveling—so far I have been teaching in USA (New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Arizona, North Carolina), Thailand, Indonesia, Latvia, Holland, England, Australia, Spain, China and all over the Russia.

I love travelling. Moving around makes me feel empowered and enables me to understand how varied, beautiful, and inspiring this world is.

Alexis Fedorowych

From the very first class I took in 2005, I felt an inexplicable freedom. For those 90 minutes I was allowed to surrender everything: fear, worry, depression, old ways of thinking. I was not only allowed to, the teachers insisted on it. Every single class, while uniquely structured, incredibly disciplined and challenging, is total freedom to let go of anything that holds us back. And let’s not forget healing! Physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. It’s like magic, just sweatier.

In Spring of 2007, I decided to take the plunge and go to teacher training. I thank each and every one of my teachers for the inspiration to do so. They truly made me feel like anything was possible. They set the bar high and made me press on, try again, not give up. They told me things I may not have wanted to hear, at the time but definitely needed to hear and made me realize all that I was capable of, inside and outside of the yoga room. 11 years later (and counting!) it’s still the best decision I ever made.