Steven Haver

I grew up in Denver, but haven’t lived here since 2009. I have been teaching Bikram Yoga since the fall of 2011 and am one of the co-founders of Teach From Love, an organization dedicated to the continuing education of Bikram Yoga teachers. I travel all over the world sharing my knowledge of Bikram Yoga and my passion for helping others create a sustainable, lifetime yoga practice. When I am not talking about yoga, you will find me playing my guitar or tending to my garden. I currently live in San José, Costa Rica.

Killian Malone

I attended my first Bikram Yoga class after running a half-marathon I’d wildly undertrained for, and concluding that I probably needed to “stretch more.” To accomplish this, I bought the least expensive yoga Groupon I could find; although my first class is now a hazy memory, I will always be grateful that my under-informed bargain shopping led me to a regular practice at Bikram Yoga Fort Collins. Those mirrors taught me how to suck in her stomach, make changes I never thought possible, and approach my body with more gratitude than judgment.
Years later, I attended the Fall 2016 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, unsure if I’d ever teach in real life, or if I was just in it to do a bunch of yoga. Today, I love sharing the athletic and meditative nature of the Bikram series from the podium–my teaching and my practice are the only things I take seriously for fun. I have taught in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Mérida, Mexico. Beyond yoga I have a passion for cats, bicycles, houseplants, pineapple, pizza, pineapple on pizza, live music, and bright colors. In my spare time/real life I work for the National Park Service as a wildland firefighter.

Laura Kantwerk

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I grew up showing horses and when I was 18 years old I fell off my horse and broke my pelvis. After 3 months of healing I was back to riding and jumping. By the time I was 25 I felt like I was learning to live with body pain in my lower back and hips. That is when I discovered Bikram Yoga. “I went to my first Bikram Yoga class and instantly my body felt so much better.” After practicing yoga for 4 years, I was inspired to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2013. I have taught Bikram Yoga in Australia, Las Vegas, California, Miami, and New York. I currently live in Kansas City with my fiancé, my dog, and my new little baby boy.