I started practicing yoga 13 years ago after my first son was born. I graduated Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the Spring of 2007 and have been teaching full time since. I’m a Colorado native from Aurora and I went to school in Denver later attending Colorado State University. These days, I stay by the lake in Chicago where I am raising my sons. Everywhere I go, a community of people has grown out of this yoga and I call it my tribe. I can’t think of a better tribe of people that I could be apart of other than my family. We have a created a space where people can get back into their bodies and give their mind a rest, making peace and good health. The great part about Bikram yoga is that anybody can do this yoga no matter what limitations we think we have. I hope to see and meet a lot of new students at yoga. I’m happy to be apart of my students yoga journey. I wish good health to everyone and a happy life! See you at yoga.