I am a Denver native and started doing vinyasa yoga as a way to get in shape for my 2006 wedding. After 5 years of practice I realized that there was something more that I loved about yoga than just the workout and completed a 200 hour teacher training at a local studio. During my training, I was encouraged to try other styles of yoga and took my first Bikram class. My mantra during that first class was “these people are nuts; it is too hot” and I literally crawled out of my second. Months later when an old wrist injury flared up, preventing me from doing my regular planks and Chatturangas, I decided to give Bikram yoga another try. After adjusting to the heat and alignment, I found such a dramatic healing, in not just my wrist but also the rest of my body, that I was hooked. Not long after, I found myself at Bikram’s Spring 2014 teacher training in L.A. I love teaching Bikram yoga because I get to see my students find stillness, healing and community but also because showering after class is the best feeling ever!