I first discovered Bikram Yoga while studying at the University of Oregon in Eugene in 2006. Bikram was actually the first yoga class I ever attended, 6am class no less! That first class was simultaneously the most challenging thing mentally and physically that I had ever done, but also a very spiritual and profound experience. I was hooked right away, and soon found myself planning my days around which yoga class I could get to.

6 years after my first Bikram class, I went to teacher training in Los Angels, CA. I graduated in Fall 2012 and started teaching at my original studio in Eugene, OR. I have since taught throughout the Pacific NW as well as in Athens, GA and here in CO.

Bikram yoga has helped me in so many ways in my life, through breakups, cross country moves, career changes, but also in all the small ways: the way I move through life and interact with others. Indeed, the very reason I am in Denver has deep roots in my Bikram practice: I had been teaching for a lovely Bikram studio in Athens, GA when I was introduced to a bodywork practice called Structural Integration, also known as ‘Rolfing’. Receiving the Rolfing Ten Series while teaching in Athens was so impactful on myself physically and emotionally that I decided to pursue becoming a practitioner of the work. I came to Colorado to study Rolfing in 2015, spending time in both Crestone and Denver. After I finished my studies, I decided to stay in Denver and pursue my two passions: Bikram yoga and Rolfing, which compliment one another so nicely.

Bikram yoga has been, excuse the pun, the backbone of life in so many ways. It continues to inspire and challenge me daily, and I absolutely love sharing that with my community.