“What you are seeking is seeking you”-Rumi

I doubt one can ever forget that friend/ co worker /family member who first introduced you to this yoga practice. Neither have I.

I was born in India and was introduced to Yoga in elementary school. Yoga was a way of life in India where apart from practicing asanas, there was a strong emphasis on the essence of yoga which is the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual. Initially, I questioned the various aspects of this yoga practice in my mind, which appeared far from any integration of emotional and spiritual. Boy was I proven wrong to my own self!

I came in the awe of this practice soon after I found answers to preliminary questions in my mind. My approach to this practice is spiritual and I watch my mind/ego more than I watch my postures in the mirror. I know for certain that I am creating the ‘calm’ in my life one breath at a time through this practice. I am on my yoga journey with my unique pace and feel that I learn equally on and off the podium. I am a self-proclaimed student at heart, a perpetual seeker of knowledge, a yogi forever.

I like to bond with every yogi by standing next to them and practicing. Next time you are in studio and you see me in the room I invite you to lay your mat next to me. Our practice and sweat will create a bond. Smile at me and I promise I will smile back at you.