Martin Pahl

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2004. I started attending classes to improve my cycling and running during the winter months in SLC. After my first class I went home and told my partner we were going to yoga the next day (she was shocked after trying to get me to go for years) and we ended up going for another 14 straight days! I was a national class athlete at the time and I figured if anything could challenge me this much during 90 mins,  it must be good for me. 

I continue to practice regularly and see changes and challenges with both my body and my mind. Having suffered many injuries over the years, including twice breaking my neck and back, I know that the only way to progress and heal is never give up on where i want to go.

To me the yoga is not the postures. The postures are a way to test your yoga. The setup is the important part (so listen) and the depth will come in time (so exhale and relax), Your breathing is the key. Normal breathing- in through the nose, out through the nose. If you are fighting your mind and holding your breath, you are not doing yoga, you are just sweating in a hot room!

The beauty of the series is that anyone and everyone can get incredible health benefits,  heal old injuries, lose weight, improve sleep issues,  and just get away from the daily stresses of their busy lives by just showing up for class. Whatever happens in the hot room is all bonus and will be different every day for each of us. We all suffer for the 90 mins, but how we feel after class is what keeps us coming back day after day.

Bikram Yoga will help you control your mind by first teaching you to control your body — this is why the final Savasana is such an important part of class.

Change your body, your mind, and your life!