Joseph Lee

I am a native of Colorado. I discovered Bikram Yoga in 1996. Prior to opening the first Bikram Yoga studio in Denver, my teacher Rosalie Smith would make due with whatever space she could find to lead the 90 minute moving meditation. Many of the initial classes were conducted in dance/martial arts studios, weightlifting gyms, etc. With the help of space heaters, some rooms were heated to 85-88 degrees. I thought I might die. Had I known the heat was intended to be 20 degrees hotter, I may have done just that! The first benefit I noticed was my improved sleep. Taking a long nap after class was expected. Sleeping like a baby for two consecutive nights after my first class was not. I was hooked! After 7 years of dedicated practice I decided to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2003 in Los Angeles. Since, I have been afforded the opportunity to teach in Bikram studios all over Colorado as well as Hawaii, NYC and Ireland. I love the complimentary contradictions that riddle this practice. Backward bending followed with foreword bending, kicking while pulling, “Kill yourself” and in the next breath “take it easy honey”, often flow from Bikram’s mouth. To give all of your might and in the very next moment find complete relaxation, total stillness. I believe the practice of Bikram yoga continues to work wonders for my mind and my body and my spirit. I enjoy leading class and am quite delighted to share the practice with curious, willing students that are excited to experience the countless benefits of the life-changing practice of Bikram yoga.