Erika Bañuelos

I started practicing yoga May 1, 2000.

I grew up playing sports; basketball, softball and soccer. I ended up playing on the women’s soccer team in college. Once I graduated, I wasn’t working out like a collegiate athlete anymore and going to the gym or running for “fun” wasn’t an option that I enjoyed. I tried yoga one day along with Tai chi and Pilates. I stuck with yoga because it challenged me physically, and mentally I noticed my mind was finally quiet and could feel a strength brewing inside of me that I had never felt from playing sports. My body started to heal from old injuries and the wear-and-tear that comes with beating your body up; from working SO hard as an athlete.

I was lucky to work with my first yoga teacher one-on-one for a couple of years. She had an enthusiasm for yoga and truly believed that you could heal any physical ailment with yoga. I knew one day I would teach yoga, perhaps when I had retired from my construction career! I attended the Bikram’s Yoga College in 2002 and became a certified instructor. It was easy to reach out to other athletes whose bodies were also worn out and beat up.

 I’ve travelled extensively and have guest taught at many studios all over the U.S. and all over the world! I have worked with children, professional athletes, even spent a summer in Madrid teaching this yoga and, as of 2010 I am also certified to teach yoga to cancer survivors.

In my free time, I volunteer for my Alma Mater- I sit on the board of directors for the Tartans Athletic Club. I am also a board member of The Conflict Center, a local non-profit organization and during my summers I teach yoga for LiveByLiving, an outdoor group that provides adventure trips to cancer survivors and their caretakers here in Colorado.

I am a proud native of Colorado! I grew up in Boulder & Five Points and graduated from high school in Colorado Springs. I studied Civil Engineering and Spanish at Carnegie Mellon University and I have a great fondness for the city of Pittsburgh!

I enjoy good food, great company, trips to Europe, the Pittsburgh Steelers and my life schedule adjusts to the World Cup (soccer) tournament every 4 years! I am looking forward in getting back into the yoga room to heal a recent injury. During the summer of 2015 I tore my ACL playing soccer and I am eager to heal and strengthen my knee with this yoga. There is no other yoga I would trust to heal my body safely.